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Monday, April 6, 2009


This is a place in Northridge, which is quite a drive for me, but hey I am dedicated.  I don't just drive up there for average pizza however.  I had heard of this place from others I respect in the pizza tasting business.  So took a drive to this small pizza joint in a strip mall in dead center of the valley.  

This is another family owned place that has been in business for 45 years.  I ordered a large pizza, that was 16 inches, for about 13 dollars.  Good cheap price.  It was cut mainly in skinny slices.  The pizza looked pretty cheesy.  It was.  A heavy amount of cheese especially in the middle, lacking sauce underneath.  The amount of cheese lessened considerably as it neared the edge.  At this point the sauce took over and made up for the lack of it towards the middle.  Then the crust quickly came to power.  It was a big doughy outer edge.  Very crispy however.  In fact it was perfectly cooked.  Crispy on the bottom but still pliable.  There was no chewy texture to it , just crispy and doughy contrasts.  Overall the flavor was very sweet, slightly too sweet in my opinion.  The sauce of course was sweet and and pretty tasty.  The dough and cheese also had a sweetness to it.  Which is unusual.  It kind of mixes a NY style thin crust with your average middle america pizza pretty well.  Heavy sweet tasting cheese, not 100% mozz, a thicker sweet sauce and a thin dough and crispy sweet crust.  

Ravanelli's  - 8456 Reseda Blvd Northridge
Price: $

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