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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beech Street Pizzeria/Cafe

On my way to a job interview I had to travel an hour and half to the Pacific Palisades. So I thought I'd take advantage of my location and see what the Palisades had to offer in the way of pizza. There were 2 spots I found about a block away from each other. One place called Beech St. Pizzeria and the other aptly named Palisades Pizza.
Beech St. Pizza much different vibe than Palisades Pizza. This place actually has an ambiance, which is upscale and laid back with lots of inside and patio seating.

There is ME in the window, watch OUT !

They were running a little behind when I came to pick it up so I had to wait a little while for it. Though they were very nice about it. Unfortunately I had other plan and didn't get a chance to really savor this pizza nor did I get to look at the menu. If I had looked at the menu I would have seen not only what I ordered the neopolitan pizza, but also a margherita pizza and a bufala mozz pizza. These are 2 pizzas I wish I had gotten, instead I went with the boring cheese. It was 16 inch which is their only size other than individual 12 inch. It was $17.

The pizza looked good, it had all the element in line. Thin crust, slightly crispy. Light sauce and cheese. It wasn't a bad pizza, close to something you might find in N.Y.C. The main two problems here where: 1) the crust wasn't crispy enough. It was still too light and doughy. 2) The flavor was bland. From the sauce to the cheese to the crust, the flavor somehow escaped the pizza. This is why I wished I'd ordered some other toppings. So with the lack of flavor and the only semi-crispy crust, it really fell short of anything great. Plus it had quite a bit of oil on top. It had the right idea though. I'd say it was better than Palisades Pizza but thats just a matter of different styles of pizza.

863 Swarthmore Ave. Pacific Palisades 90272
Price: $$

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  1. The place is well known for their pizza, it is so delicious.


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