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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

North End Pizzeria

Today I had an hour to kill before a rockin' comedy show at the Improv.  Went to see a friend of mine Smooth-E, aka Eric Schwartz.  Check him out.  On my way I ordered a medium cheese pie from a place called North End Pizzeria.  They have 2 tag lines that are both interesting.  One in much smaller letters saying "Boston's finest".  This is an interesting statement, you don't hear people claiming an authentic Boston pizza very often.  Thats not to say they don't have good pizza.  It is possible this chain, if it is one, started in Boston.  It didn't seem like a Boston style pizza to me more NY style, but thats a good thing.  The second slogan was "Simply the Best Pizza in Town"  ha, if only it were that easy.  A simpler way of putting it would have been "Best Pizza in Town" or just "Best Pizza"  or "Simply the Best" made famous in ads for Ford or Chevy I can't remember,  also by Tina Turner.  Anyway I'm not talking advertising, sorry.

The pizza, it was cheap - 14 inch for 11 dollars.  The price got me worried that it would be terrible.  I got a coupon flier in the mail and that looked cheap too.  The place was in a strip mall and I, nor anyone else, had ever heard of it before.  My expectations were low and I was so hungry my stomach was digesting itself.  So to say the least I enjoyed it.  The sauce/cheese ratio was pretty balanced.  A touch too much sauce if you are a cheese person.  The sauce was a thicker sauce with a lot of spice and flavor.  The cheese probably not 100% mozzarella and definitely not fresh, was fine.  It was lightly browned on top.  The pizza also, was cooked perfectly, very crispy and pipping hot when I picked it up.  The crust was the main downfall.  It was pre made generic tasting crust that had no flavor, no light crunch or doughy richness.  I have had much worse crusts however,  it was thin, it did not taste stale, and it was crispy, and honestly thats all I can ask for.  
Overall the pizza was nothing above and beyond.  It didn't have much personality.  But if you aren't looking for personality, which I don't know who would look for that in food, a little weird I think - this is a decent pizza that is enjoyable.  If it delivered in my area I'd call them, I would just hope there was an alternative pizza joint to call sometimes.

There is another North End Pizzeria, in Burbank.  It tastes much different.  For this review Click here.  
North End Pizzeria - 8514 W. 3rd St / la Cienega
Price: $
P.S:  Also I'd like to add - the place is annoying to get to by car, but the staff - very friendly.
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  1. I've been in this place. The pizza's ok, and maybe this franchise started in Boston at one point, but when I brought it up all I got were blank looks.

    The North End in Boston DOES have great pizza, and some of those places have franchised into reasonably lower-quality approximations of themselves. Pizzeria Regina's chain is ok for example.

    I would not say this place is representative of a North End Slice at all though


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