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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pizza Next Door

Next door to... some buildings is a place appropriately named Pizza Next Door. At least appropriate to a few people. This place is a small, walk in pick up a slice kind of place in typical N.Y.C. fashion. They also make 18 inch pizzas which is the correct N.Y.C. size. They boast the NY pizza style quite a bit in fact. It is on their sign on their menus. Their web site has classic Frank Sinatra and other NY songs playing in midi formats. Which is actually kind of funny.
Here are some various pizzas that were on display.
The NYC style similarities end when they start to make the pizza. They use a conveyor belt oven, which isn't really a good way to cook a pizza. Though it did seem that they had the oven cranked up as high as it would go. As you can see the cheese got pretty charred in spots and the outer edge got very crunchy.

I didn't get the 18 inch, I went the next size down which is a 14 inch it was $10. Despite the long time cooking, the bottom was kind of soggy. The outer edge was crispy but not really in a good way. The cheese aside from it being charred was overwhelming. There was way too much of it. I could barely taste the sauce, and the sauce I did taste didn't impress me too much.
They have a lot of different toppings , one the "Tijuana Jane" has pepperoni, pineapple and jalepenos. It is not NY style done right, maybe it s NY style done wrong. Despite my opinion on it not being that good, I can see some people liking it. It is different enough that people might think it has special qualities, though to me these qualities are good.

Here's a video of my excursion downtown. It includes Pizza Go, Rocket Pizza, Pizza Next Door

806 W. 8th St. Downtown 90017
Price: $$

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