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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mother Dough

My motivation for writing about pizza has been low lately. I eat pizza all the time, but work and other daily tasks move my blog to the bottom of the shelf.

Today is different, because Mother Dough is here. The pizza is just the kind of pizza that brings my motivation back, tenfold.
A simple place in Los Feliz that is focused on Italian tradition. It has a few appetizers, 5 pizzas and a chocolate mousse that would make Heaven look like Hell. Also a small selection of some great beer and wine.
The pizzas: The classic margherita, prosciutto and arugula, sausage pizza, a zucchini pizza, and a vine tomato with olive oil and cheese.

For once I didn't get the classic Margherita, but I can guess what it tasted like. I did get the prosciutto and arugula, which I have never been a huge supporter of, but it was good. The prosciutto and arugula were both put on after the pizza was cooked.
Though the two other pizzas I ordered were some of the most amazing pizzas I have had, the sausage was a simple margherita with a generous amount of some of the best sausage I have tasted.

Then there was the oven-roasted vine tomatoes, smokey olive oil and sea salt with basil and buffalo mozzarella. This one was unique and just so perfect.

These Neapolitan style pizzas were spot on not only with tradition, but with flavors, textures and over all enjoyment.
All of the pizzas used a buffalo mozzarella cheese, which was so creamy and soft and just melted in your mouth.
The sauce was a simple tomato sauce, very light with a slight tang. Not an overpowering sauce at all, though all the pizzas I had, had toppings so the focus was not the sauce. That being said, every pizza I devoured had no overpowering flavors. They all were just as equal and worked together for an overall experience.
Then there was the crust. A near perfect crust. Cooked at 850 degrees, the pizza came out in about a minute with a golden brown outside, mixed with spots of charred flavor throughout. The massive wood fired stone oven was a beautiful site that did a perfect job with the pizza. The crust was soft and chewy on the inside. The flavor was amazing. All the flavors you want in a crust were there: smokey, salty, sweet and charred flavors.
The only fault I gave it was, the crust did not get as crispy as I prefer it. I like a little crunch at least on the outer edge. But thats my opinion and the fact it didn't have that crispiness did not make me enjoy the crust any less.
The crust and overall ideology of the pizza very much reminds me of Roberta's in Brooklyn, NY. Though I still give them the edge.

The name of the place refers to the fact that a little batch of dough from each day is carried over to the next day. So each batch of dough has some traits from the original batch from when the owner started making pizza.
Of course this is all in theory. Part gimmick, part tradition. It doesn't matter though because the pizza is outstanding. You pay the price but for the quality of ingredients and the skill level in which this pizza is made, I think it is worth it.
Best Neopolitan pizza in LA for sure.

4648 Hollywood Boulevard Los Feliz CA
Price: $$$

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