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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ameci Pizza

Ameci Pizza is possibly the biggest local chain in Los Angeles.  They have about 50 locations in the greater LA area.  I have to say it tastes like a chain.  It is cheap which is what these places have going for it.  Regular price for a 14'' is $10.  Who really ever pays regular price though, other than me.  Certain days the pizza $7, and I'm sure there is a book of coupons that can be used.  According to the sign they have a 2.99 lunch special, which I have no idea what that includes.
Like I said the pizza tastes like a mass produced generic pie.  Anything that comes out of a conveyor oven is probably going to stink.  It wasn't all bad.  As I have said many times, bad pizza is usually still satisfying.  The crust was surprisingly crispy and thin, which isn't to say it was crispy or thin just more so than I expected.  The sauce was actually very tasty.  Extremely sweet. The cheese was pretty basic but had a good amount to go with the sauce.  Of all the cheap, conveyor pizzas this might be one of the best.  Again that is saying almost nothing. 
You need to be aware of the type of pizza you are getting into, before going. Don't be fooled by thinking it might be some buried treasure from N.Y. that nobody has heard of.  If you want cheap pizza and don't care about quality, Ameci is the place.  

12450 Burbank Blvd # HNorth HollywoodCA (reviewed)
(818) 509-1666
Price: $
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  1. You need to go to Mammalucco's pizza in Brea CA. It's on Imperial Hwy, just google it and look at the picture of the cheese pie and you'll want to go.

  2. you must not know good pizza when u taste it, i feel bad for you.

  3. It's a little burned on the edges, but still, it makes no difference, I would love to have it in front of me in order to give it a bite and start devouring it! I'm so hungry right now! Goshhhh... if69

  4. the owners originally owned a very famous and popular Italian restaurant in Encino called Amecis(it means Friends), which was frequented by luminaries like Mick Jagger and Frank Sinatra when they were in town. In 1991, the daughter won the CA Lottery and several million(not sure how much but millions). They closed the restaurant and started this franchise! It is good for what it is. At least it is more Italian(as the owner Nick is Full-blooded Italian). I know, he told me this story in his office back in the late 90's! It's decent but I am sure his reusturante was much better back in the day!


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