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Monday, June 29, 2009

Pizza Go

Pizza Go ! Sounds like a name of a place in Korea Town. Well, it is. It is not so much a place as it is a kitchen. I walked in the door and I was right in the middle of the kitchen. I guess they have a little window outside to do your picking up, like Dairy Queen.

The pizza is what you'd expect, probably a little better than you'd expect. Typical pizza, a thicker doughy-er crust, lightly browned with a healthy amount of cheese and sauce on top. The cheese was stringy and creamy and had a low amount oil. The sauce was very sweet but also had a dash of pepper in it so it kind of gave it a little spice to go with the sweet.
It tasted fine. It was around $8 for a 16 inch cheese pizza so pretty cheap. You should know what kind of pizza you are getting when you go here. For what it is, its pretty good.

A video of my excursion downtown - Pizza Go - Rocket Pizza - Next Door Pizza

Pizza Go
4200 W 3rd St. Korea Town 90020
(213) 381-5131
Price: $

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