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Monday, August 10, 2009

Corleone's Pizza

The other day I went Downtown to look for a suit. I had a trusted lady with me to make sure I didn't make any ridiculous decisions. We had an hour to kill while we waited for the tailoring so I decided to revisit Hill St Pizza for a snack. It was closed as it seems a lot of places are, on a slow Sunday. On the way back, I spotted a place I had seen a few times driving by, called Corleone's Pizza. The name intrigued me so I stopped in for a slice.

Right away I knew I had made a mistake. There was nothing Corleone about it. A small place with 2 pies on display for slices. One was pepperoni the other had a variety of toppings on each slice. Neither looked good. If i didn't have a blog I would have left but I felt responsible to try it.
I got a tomato, sweet peppers and onions slice. They were just going to give it to me but I asked them to warm it up. Thankfully I did that, I fear it would have been inedible otherwise.
I didn't take any pictures, because I didn't have my camera but also because it is not really necessary.
The pizza was not the worst I've had to put it nicely. It was a dense slice, that had a thick, bread-y crust that was relatively crispy on the bottom, only because it was reheated. The crust had a buttery and cake-y texture. The sauce was put on thin and it mostly dried up and disappeared under the cheese and toppings, so I couldn't get much of a read on it. The cheese actually was decent, not put on too heavy and the combination of toppings were not too bad either.
The crust just wasn't right in my mind at all and the sauce was not a factor. However, if I have learned nothing else from a year of pizza eating, I have learned that pizza is up to interpretation, and quite possibly someone loves this pizza. Though I can't imagine who. I know a certain Corleone would not be too happy with this place though. The name gives you false advertising. If you truly believe in your recipe and your own style of pizza then name it after yourself, not someone Italian guy. This is not Italian pizza.

Corleone's Pizza
310 W. 7th Street Downtown
Price: $

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