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Friday, August 7, 2009

JC's Famous Pizza

So deep in the Valley of Reseda is a cheap delivery pizza place called JC's. It happens to be across the street from a more traditional pizza place called Brooklyn Pizzeria. Apparently they have been across the street for 15 years, so there doesn't appear to be much competition. It is clear when you walk in to both places how drastically different they are. Brooklyn Pizza tries to create an atmosphere where you can sit down and eat your pie with out throwing up from the bright neon lights that are in JC's. JC's looks like it caters 98% to the lazy couch potato crowd. I say 98 because there actually are 2 tables in the place. So basically I expected the pizzas to follow suit, as they did.
I ordered a large pizza, which is 16 inches for $5. Super, super cheap.
Again I tried showing you the under side of the pizza and failed. Doesn't matter, not really much to see.
The pizza not surprisingly was doughy, thick and heavy, with lots of cheese and a little sauce. It resembled Papa Johns in a lot of ways. The main difference being the sauce which they had very little of so I couldn't get a read on the flavor. The cheese was a pretty low grade cheese that actually didn't taste good at all.
Maybe it was because at this point I had already eaten 2 pizzas or maybe it was because it was that bad. I have had pizza like this before but for some reason this really was not enjoyable to me at all. It may be only 5 dollars, but seriously there were 4 Mexican style food places on the same block, you could get a lot of good tacos for 5 dollars. Plus if you want pizza, there is a much better place across the street. They don't compare I know, but I really don't see how this place has been open as long as it has. Famous pizza, ha... famous for what and by who.

JC's Famous Pizza
6756 Tampa Ave. Reseda
Price: ¢

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