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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The "Hollywood Strip" Pizza Part 2

Well for all the pizza that exists on Hollywood Blvd. I couldn't do it all on one lunch.  I had to go back and the first place I went was Venice Pizza & Deli.  This was an interesting place, very nondescript place with Dairy Queen type booths and a big screen TV from 1990 in the back.  A lovely lady took my order who seemed like she might be from a country that knows pizza.  I had to order 2 cheese slices to cover the charge minimum.  They don't deliver, and they don't have big slices thankfully.  The pizza tasted similar to how the place looked a bit bland and unoriginal, but it was pizza its hard to not enjoy.  The crust was thin and the sauce wasn't too bad.  The cheese was a little thin and dried up a bit lacking that cheesy orange-white look.  It wasn't the worst on this Boulevard.  

Just a block away was another small place that looked like a pleasant little village hut, called Pizza Al Forno  Inside it looked just like a regular pizza joint.  This pizza was definitely different from most other pizza. It was of course a big slice but if you had ordered a whole pizza I suppose it wouldn't have been half bad.  I looked ridiculous walking down the street trying to eat this gigantic slice.  It was heavy with everything, lots of cheese, sauce and a thicker doughier crust.  I couldn't finish the crust just too much  of it.  The sauce was probably the best part, it had a decent taste.  This pizza was alright it just had too much of everything for me.  

There are a couple other place on Hollywood Blvd. that I skipped over but it will have to wait till later.  
Venice Pizza & Deli  -  6601 Hollywood Blvd 90028
    Price: $$
Pizza Al Forno - 6541 Hollywood Blvd 90028
    Price: $$
Venice Pizza & Deli in Los Angeles
Pizza Al Forno on Urbanspoon

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