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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mama's Original Pizza & Pasta

I just heard about this place on a LA's best pizza list on the website pizza therapy. The list is questionable to say the least. So I wasn't sold on this place. I was in the area though so I tried it out. It is a nice little dinning area located in a little community around Culver City. It has been open for about 30 years.

I ordered a large cheese which is 14 inches for 10 dollars. They also have a 16 inch X-large. A good deal.
The first thing you notice is the cheese. Though there isn't quite as much cheese as it appears. The issue I had was the the sauce and cheese didn't really mesh together. The cheese just rested on top and as it cooled and solidified, it slid off the the pizza pretty easily and got messy.
It is a good cheese though, a little salty and oily but not overly. The sauce was pretty good too, a little bitter but mainly just sweet and fresh tomato taste with a light flavor of spices. The crust was slightly crispy on the edges but could have been cooked longer. It was also too thick and doughy for my liking.
If you ask me this isn't even in the discussion of best pizza in LA. Pizza therapy has a different kind of list and I appreciate that they recognize different styles of pizza on that list. Everyone has different ideas of what pizza should taste like. For me this pizza had to thick a crust and too much cheese. This is a common complaint of mine however, and a lot of people prefer it this way. So if you like a lot of cheese and a thicker doughy-er crust this is a pretty decent pizza with a tasty sauce and good quality cheese. I gotta stick with what I know.
On a side note, down the street is another under the radar place called The Coop, similar pizzas strangely enough. You might want to read that review before you make any decisions.

3311 Motor Ave. L.A. 90034
Price: $

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