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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Greenwich Village Pizzeria

To my surprise I found a small pizza joint tucked in between a coffee bean and a gay bar in West Hollywood. I had no idea it was there. It's actually a pretty cool place, with outside seating. I ordered a 14 inch cheese for 14 dollars. Actually it was half jalapenos. I didn't plan on ordering it but the guy on the phone kept saying jalapenos every time I asked him what the sizes of pizzas were, so finally I caved and decided that jalapenos were a good idea. I have to say I am a sucker for jalapenos on pizza.

Turns out they were not such a good idea. It was about 100 degrees today and those peppers were so spicy, as I sat in my car I was just dripping sweat. So that's pretty appetizing, huh?
Anyway the pizza wasn't half bad. It was very oily on top. The crust was very thin and had a good doughy texture and a crispy texture on the outside. The dough was pretty buttery and flakey. Not the freshest dough in town, no doubt. The sauce was kind of a thicker, spicier sauce that was just subtly sweet. It had a lot of other spices going on. The cheese was kind of generic and greasy, but overall it didn't taste to bad. Definitely a heavier, greasier taste similar to Two Boots. Not quite up to par on quality however. But satisfying. Especially after the bars.
I didn't mention the jalapenos. I guess thats because they were pretty standard. The heat level was up there pretty high, but I think they put on the right amount. They were cooked in with the sauce and cheese pretty well.

Here is a video of my experience:

Greenwich Village Pizzeria - 8937 Santa Monica Blvd. W.Hollywood 90069

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