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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

N.Y.P.D. Pizza

Today I ventured into Burbank to a new place I heard about called N.Y.P.D. Pizza.  I think the full name is NYPD Restaurants Precinct Pizza Delicatessen, or something.  I don't know really, its a lot of words.  I don't even know if an actual N.Y.P.D. owns the place.  It is filled with gimmicky pictures of New York, police cars, police departments signs and badges.  Even down to the names of the food, every item has a section of N.Y. named after it, like the Manhattan Meat Lovers Pizza or the Astoria Greek salad.  Their slogan is "Taste of New York" and like most pizza joints in L.A. they try to mimic the highly raved about N.Y. pizza.  It appears to be a national franchise mostly in Florida, and none in New York.  It has kind of a generic feel to it, like a TGI Fridays, they have T.V.'s playing sports and a large selection of beer.  It actually was kind of comforting in a non offensive franchise way.  I didn't see any cops there so while I waited for the pizza, I had a few beers and drove home.  Ha ha, just kidding mom.

Anyway, none of that really matters.  The pizza is the important part here.  The sizing and prices are a bit confusing.  They have a large for $13, which at first seems pretty good, the thing is that a large is only their third biggest pizza, they also have a XL and a XXL, the XXL is 18'', the size of a most regular large pizza's.  The large I got was 14'' however they gave me a coupon for a $10 large so it wasn't a bad deal after all.
The pizza was a little light on top.  The crust looked like it was going to be a little doughy, there was no natural puff at the end.  Turns out it was very delicious.  The crust had a flour taste rather than the dry corn meal.  It was very crispy and crunchy on the bottom, and the end was chewy and doughy but still with the crispy bottom.  There was just the right amount of cheese.  The sauce was a little too light but good.  There was a strong taste of oregano on the first bite but it mellowed out after you get into it.  There wasn't anything special about the pizza, it didn't taste like a wood oven, or smell of fresh baked crust, it didn't have that charred black bubble on the out side edge, but it did everything right and close to the way it should be.  I haven't yet explored the other places in Burbank, but I could see this as a usual spot for me. 

NYPD Pizza - 150 South San Fernando Blvd. (and all over the country)
Price - $$
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  1. The Burbank location has closed down. I went by there this past weekend and noticed it was gone.


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