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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pizza Blog Resurgence ?

Sorry to my readers for not updating with new exciting pizza places recently. I have taken some time off to think about what I have here and how I can make it better.

Here are my current goals for this website.
1) Keep the reviews shorter, I am not much of a writer.
2) create a map of all the pizza joints
3) create a list of all places sorted by Pizza Slice ratings.
4) And finally post more places.
- because I am definitely still eating pizza, so why not write about it.

Pizza Puzzle

Pizza Review #276
Here is my review of a pizza, that if I had eaten it, it would have tasted like cardboard.

I ordered this large pizza from London, so needless to say I wasn't expecting the best pizza. When the box arrived, it was quite small and I was worried I got ripped of. The max size of pizza that would fit in the box would probably be around 7 inches. This is no large pizza. Perhaps there was some meters to inches conversion problems.
Then once I opened it I realized that there was some assembly required. What kind of pizza joint makes you create your own pizza. I was very annoyed. It took me several days of 3 plus hours of work to make my own pizza.

On the plus side, it came pre-cooked so no time wasted there. The pizza was very flat, it didn't have much of a rise is the dough. It was also slightly over cooked. The sauce appeared to have been cooked twice. Once off the pizza and once on the pizza. The cheese looked good, it was pure mozzarella and had a generous amount on it. The toppings however did not look appetizing.
In fact I couldn't quite distinguish what was even on the pizza. There were green peppers that was for sure, though they were soggy and over cooked. From there it was anyones guess. I believe there was chicken and possibly garlic. Though they both looked surprisingly similar. Also possibly slices of canadian bacon, or pepperoni, again not quite sure.
Either way it looked like a terribly dry, over-cooked pizza with a lot of flavor but the wrong kind of flavor. Not to mention I think it was actually made out of card board.
This pizza is the worst pizza I have ever ordered. It ended up being the assembling of the pizza that was the highlight.

Pizza Puzzle
London, England
Price: $$$$$ (for shipping)
-1 pizza slices

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