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Monday, March 9, 2009

Palermo Ristorante Italiano

Today I went to Palermo an Italian restaurant, which I don't usually include in my reviews but I was driving by and I had heard good things.  These good things were of the pasta however, not the pizza.  I ordered a large cheese Pizza.  It was 16 inches for 15 dollars.    
It seemed like a cool place to go eat, lots of different wine on display when you walk in.  The pizza looked pretty good initially, a little cheesy and greasy.  
It was indeed cheesy.  Really, really cheesy.  The cheese tasted pretty good, pure mozzarella.  Just way too much of it.  I couldn't even taste the sauce because of all the cheese.  I feel like the sauce was a little heavy, like a pasta sauce and not sweet enough but who could tell with all the cheese.  The crust was a whole other story.  A little too thick and doughy.  It gradually got thicker as you went out to the edge.  The texture was different, kind of flakey and light on the outside, not necessarily crispy.  Kind of like some kind of pastry.  It had cornmeal on the bottom.  The crust tasted pretty good along with the cheese, it just had the wrong amount and texture of both.  
The bottom line is another pizza place, Il Capriccio is basically across the street, if you need pizza and you live in this area, go there.  Palermo is for a sit down Italian dinner, not pizza.

Here is a video exploration of Palermo Restaurant if you really want more

Palermo Ristorante Italiano - 1858 N. Vermont Ave.  Los Feliz
Price: $

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