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Monday, February 23, 2009

2 for 1 Pizza Co

Today I tried to kill a few pizzas with one trip. A pizza crawl if you will, although much more driving than crawling. They were all places I assumed to be subpar, generic, and cheap. So I figured I'd save time and get small pizzas from all these places in one trip.

Here is a video of my pizza review trip. Part 2

Click here to watch  part 1  or  part 3

So after my first joint, Hi Pizza I continued on with the second part of my itinerary.  2 for 1 Pizza.  I don't have to explain why I assumed this was a generic spot.  Their name is a coupon.  This deal is indeed true to the name.  Buy any size pizza and a get a second for free.  I ordered a personal 10 inch cheese pizza, and I did not get a second one free, because I didn't need one.  Although I did get a free soda, which was nice.  2 for 1 is a pretty big chain in the area.  This is also a direct competitor of someone like Domino's.  It is cheap and similar in style.  Although I would say this has more in common with Papa John's.  The 10 inch was 5$ but the large pizza with one topping is only 9$ and you get a second free ! 
Anyway, the pizza was very bland tasting, just tomatoes cheese and bread.  Everything was piled on heavy.  The sauce was a little more prominent than the cheese, the crust was a little thinner than Hi Pizza, but still doughy and not crispy at all.  There is no reason to get this pizza other than the fact that it is cheap.

2 for 1 Pizza Co - 1905 S. Western Ave. Mid City  90018
Price: ¢

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