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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shalom Pizza

Shalom and good evening to you worthy friends.  Next stop on Pico Blvd. was a kosher pizza place.  There are quite a few of these places along this strip. I had low expectation for this based on my last experience with kosher pizza, Pizza Mayven.  Since I was making multiple stops on Pico, I tried to get slices where I could.  This place had slices, though they were closing at 3 ?  It was 2:50 so their selection was slim.  Mushroom pizza was all they had, and I don't like mushrooms.  For some reason I bought a slice anyway.
I got 1 slice of the mushroom, then proceeded to pick them off, so there was little pizza left to be salvaged and reviewed.  What I had was to my surprise, much better than I imagined.  So I had to go back and get a whole cheese pie another day.  

I went back and got a medium 16 inch cheese for 14 dollars.  It was pretty impressive just like I remembered.  The crust was not as thin as the slices were for some reason.  Still pretty thin but not as thin as it should be.  It was still very crispy, well cooked on the bottom and the edges.  The crust also had a tough and chewy consistency with a slight doughiness on the inside.  Pretty perfect crust, the only downfall was it was a bit dry.  The most notable taste was the oil on top.  It had a pretty good amount, but I enjoyed the flavor.  So not too oily in my opinion.  The cheese was pretty good, and the sauce was a thicker spicier tomato sauce.  However it was put on pretty thing so it was not overpowering.     
The crust wasn't perfect but it did remind me of some N.Y. joints if it was just a hair thinnner.  I was pretty impressed and I'd go back for sure.  I have now had 2 really good kosher places out of 4 so maybe kosher's the way to be.  The other ones I have reviewed are Pizza Mayven, Pizza World and LA Pizza (Kosher).

Here is a video of my journey down Pico, if you dare.

Click here to watch Part 1 or Part 3

Shalom Pizza - 8715 W Pico Blvd. 90035
Price: $

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