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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

161 St. Pizzeria

Today I drove down to Ventura/Cahuenga and tried some pizza from a place that I have been driving by for the last month. or at least or at least driving by the sign.

Turns out, the place opened a week ago. Of course the sign had been there for some time. I ordered over a large cheese, which was 14 inches, which is usually a medium. The actual large, which is called family style is a 16 inch. I figured 14 inches was enough for one man. So a 14 inch cheese pizza, that will be 20 dollars. Ok, so heres the - WHAT! - 20 BUCKS! That was shocking to me. The only other place that came close in price was Mozza, and this place was nowhere close to upscale, like Mozza is. So I thought this pizza better be daaaamn good. I saw a pie that just came out of the oven and the crust looked so thin it was like a big tortilla chip. Like the Stone Fire Pizza I had, I didn't want it to be like cheese and sauce on a cracker.

15 minutes later I got the pizza and took it back to the office.

It looked a lot better than the one behind the counter I saw earlier. The crust turned out to be not as thin as Stone fire Pizza, but was still ultra thin from beginning to end. The end is where the crust should give rise a little bit and have a puffy doughy edge. This pizza did not have that at all. It was the same crispy thin crust as that in the middle. If anything it tapered off and got thinner. It was indeed crispy, crispy all the way through. Ideally you want a little doughy-ness and some tough chewy-ness to the consistency, this had neither. It was a cornmeal style crust that tasted pretty good, but not much to it. The sauce was the highlight. It was very light and sweet. With just the right amount of spices to give it a little flavor in addition to the fresh tomato taste. The cheese tasted fresh as well, and was also put on light. It had the perfect ration to the sauce. If the crust had been right this might have been one of the best pizza's I've had out here. Unfortunately the crust is estremamente importante. And for 20 dollars I better get at least an above average crust. The price sadly will effect the review, and it will effect me going back.

161 St. Pizzeria - 3252 Cahuenga Blvd. 90068
Price: $$$

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161 Street Pizza in Los Angeles

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