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Sunday, June 15, 2008


 is another little fancy Italian place, that has little fancy personal size pizzas.  Out of all the over priced designer pizzas, I liked this one best.  The sauce was a very tasty sweet sauce with a good amount of cheese.  The crust was done pretty well, lightly browned, thin and crunchy with a doughy center.  I got the margharita pizza with basil but as you can see the basil was more of a garnish than a ingredient. 

This personal pizza was the biggest yet at a whopping 12 inches and it cost about 13 dollars. When I picked it up, the first thing I noticed as I tried to eat it in my car, was that they didn’t slice it, but I was so hungry I just ripped off a section of the pie.  This was kind of annoying, I don’t have a pizza cutter at home and using a knife isn’t very easy, with pizza.  Plus the pizza was a little cool, maybe it took me longer to pick it up than I thought, but it seems like it cooled off quicker than usual.  Anyway I can’t really bring the pizza down based on those things, it tasted good and it really was more than I expected.

Terroni - Beverly and Curson 7605
Price $$

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  1. I think that it is one of the most delicious pizzas , I love the jam and the chesses!


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