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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Italian Express

The UCLA campus has a lot of kids who like pizza, so naturally there are a lot of pizza joints to fill their mouths. There is a little area called Westwood Village just south of the campus, where you can find many college aged kids, thus many pizza places, including Enzo's, Lamonica's and D'Amore's. I hit them all up at once. So for starters here is a smaller lesser known place it seems, called Italian Express.

The name doesn't sound too appetizing. When I showed up The place looked a bit more promising. IT was in a cool brick building with a little out door patio. I guess I am a sucker for bricks. Especially if they are used to cook the pizza, which this place doesn't. It would actually be a cool place to hang out at if they had alcohol, but they don't. I ordered a large pizza which was 14 inches for $9. It looked better than the name.
The sauce and cheese were put on pretty generously. Pretty flavorful, light sweet sauce with a pretty creamy cheese, somewhat generic but not too bad. The crust was really crispy, especially on the end where it had a good crunch. However it was the wrong texture or the wrong kind of dough completely. It was very flakey and buttery, like a pastry, not like a pizza crust. Just didn't taste right to me. They don't claim to be N.Y. style so I have to give them credit for that, because it wasn't. It was an average cheap pizza, that ultimately satisfied but didn't really "deliver" what I was looking for. But they do... deliver.

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Italian Express
10845 Lindbrook Drive Westwood Village, 90024
Open: Mon-Sat 10am-3am Sun-4pm-3am
Price: $

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1 comment:

  1. Just type "Chicago Style Pizza" into Google images and you will see what it's supposed to look like. Doesn't look like Chicago style to me (based on your photos & what I've actually had in Chicago).


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