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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Enzo's Pizzeria

My understanding of this place is, it used to be a lot better. It also used to be a different place, called Albano's. Albano's was a place that I sadly never got to try. I heard great things about their pizza, but for whatever reason it is now gone. Their reviews and phone number are still all over the internet. I tried to call for a pick-up order, but I got a disconnected message. As I looked at the address, I realized I had been to a pizza place at that exact point already. It was called Enzo's.

Enzo's used to have 2 locations, one on Melrose which recently closed and is now LOVE Pizza and a more notable one in Westwood near UCLA, a college kid favorite. I had driven by a few weeks ago and decided to give it a try. I didn't have time for a whole pizza so I just picked up a couple cheese slices. The smell of cooking pizza filled the room and with the red and white checkered tablecloths and the classic Frank Sinatra picture I felt pretty good about the place. However, it is a lot easier to decorate a pizza place than to make good pizza. The slices came out piping hot and I had to wait most of my car ride home to eat them. But I of course jumped the gun and burned my tongue. It tasted great at first, but I realized the taste was so addicting because of the amount of oil on top. There was so much grease, it was dripping out the back, down the sides, and seeping through the box. That was pretty much the only flavor to the pizza. I like a little grease, but too much makes the crust soggy and drowns the flavor with oil. The flavor was bland and the crust was average. I feel it would have been a lot better, if it had just a little less oil.
It is open till 3am on the weekends so I guess thats a good thing. Well... if eating greasy food while drunk before you pass out is a good thing.
10940 Weyburn Ave, Los Angeles
(310) 208-3696
Price: $

Enzo's Pizzeria in Los Angeles


  1. What happened to ENZOS?? It use to be a lot better but in the last couple months it has really dropped off. They have new managers that don't know what they're doing...I wouldn't go back there ever, and i wouldn't suggest it to anyone unless you want to wait a couple hours on deliveries and probably get the wrong food. It's sad cause i used to come in all the time but i left two months ago for summer and came back and i've had nothing but problems there since... Go anywhere but there!

  2. it used to be Albano's, I think it was called. That I hear was great. But no more.

  3. Enzo's pizza tastes like a wop whore's stink hole.


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