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Friday, April 25, 2008

Berri's Pizza Cafe

Finally when I thought I was getting a handle on the pizza places in Hollywood, I get a coupon in the mail for a new place that is opening up. "Just when I thought I was out..." Though there was always a Berri's on 3rd and La Cienega area, it slipped past my radar. So thats where I went.

I was pleasantly surprised about this pizza, because the menu I got in the mail only had a few kinds of pizza and it was expensive, but it ended up being cheaper and delicious. The cheese and sauce were well put together. The sauce was very sweet maybe too much, but tasted good. The cheese was a perfect amount with a little oily covering. The crust was thin and crispy. I was able to give it a nice fold down the middle to eat it with. It was thin enough that it was a little flimsy and messy the first bite or 2, which is good in my book. What the crust did at the edge of the pizza was where it was a bit flawed. It didn’t rise like it should and there wasn’t enough of a doughy center. It ended up a little stale tasting, and dry. But up until the end I thought the crust worked out pretty well. Overall I would definitely get it again. There only have 2 sizes 20’’ and 10’’ neither of which is ideal for a single person who eats a lot and wants to give a review. But the 20’’ was only 14 dollars so I went big. I was pretty happy.

Berri's Pizza - 8412 W. 3rd St. 90048
Price: $$

Just so all my fans, all 3 of them don't think I quit the pizza blog industry, I am going to take a few days break. I am off to Coachella, a music festival in CA. Yes, I will try festival pizza for you, not for me, I know it will be bad, but it is the bad pizza that makes the good pizza good.

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