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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Damiano Mr. Pizza

Domiano's ( or as the cool kids call it, Mr. Pizza) is a raved about pizza joint on Fairfax Ave.  It is slammed after 2am since the location is around a lot of bars.  It has a very NY feel too it, being very small, dark and dingy inside.       

I stole some pictures for this, sorry you aren't getting my artistic eye for this one.
The pizza is certainly one of a kind.  The crust is light and crispy.  It has a very tangy, sweet sauce, that has just the right amount based on the amount of cheese, which is light as well.  It really satisfies the stomach and I would highly recommend it, however its not really quite up to the NY fold it as you go standards.  It is kind of NY style pizza with an LA twist.  If you are eating pizza everyday like me, it is a nice change up in taste from everything else.  The price is right too.               

Damiano Mr Pizza - 412 N. Fairfax Ave 90036
Price: $

Damiano's / Mr. Pizza in Los Angeles

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