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Monday, May 25, 2009

New York Pizza & Pasta

This is yet another typical pizza joint in a strip mall, in one of the busiest intersections - Sepulveda and Santa Monica.  During rush hour you have to go with the traffic or not all.  This place had a familiar name to it.  NY Pizza and Pasta isn't all that original but there is a place with that exact name here in Hollywood on Sunset Blvd. - NY Pizza & Pasta.  I tried to get the scoop, they both said they are not affiliated in any way with the other.  So I don't know if I buy that, but their pizza is different.  

This place is trying to be a local hang out it seems, they serve alcohol, they have a few flat screens and there are wood shavings all over the floor.  This last one was surprising, I guess it makes it look like a party, it also makes it look like they haven't ever swept the floor, which they haven't. 
I ordered a medium cheese which is 14 inches for $11.  I have to say it looked really good.

It looked better than it was.  Again fairly typical pizza but the dough was just a little too thick for me.  It was in fact very crispy on the bottom and outer edge which was great, but just a little too dense, doughy, and dry.  This all would be fine if the sauce and/or cheese made up for the crust's faults.  This of course wasn't the case.  There was much more cheese than sauce which made it filling and oily.  The sauce flavor that did surface was heavily flavored with oregano.  
I feel like I gave this place a pretty terrible review, but it isn't as bad as it sounds and its not as good as it looks.  Like most places its average, a pizza that will satisfy.  Although this one didn't satisfy completely for me.  

11078 Santa Monica Blvd./Sepulveda  West Los Angeles
Price: $
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