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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Vito's Pizza

I sure do have a special one for you guys and girls today, Vito's Pizza, it is one of the best.  I got it delivered the other day by a guy who sounded like he came straight from Italy to deliver this pizza.  He was talking up the pizza a lot, he really believed in it, he thought it was the best in LA.  I just smiled and nodded and said I never had it before.  Then he called me a Vito's Virgin, and I got a little shy.  Anyway, I quickly dug right in and it was outstanding. 

 Great sauce, great cheese and a very delicious crust.  It was a little chewy and not as crisp as it had looked, if I had to complain.  The real problem with this pizza was the price.  It was a pretty generous 18 inch pizza for about 17 and with tip it turns into 20.  That's just for cheese, they have some good specialty pizzas but they could cost you as much as 32 for the prosciutto and arugula.  I guess thats not too bad considering it is one of the best pizzas I've had so far, but beyond the taste, 2 essential points that pizza should have are convenience and an affordable price.  This is part of what makes it so appealing.  The pizza was great, but I couldn't get it all the time, it's too much for my wallet and besides I got a lot of other places to go. 
heres the classic pizza fold.

UPDATE:  I have not had Vito's Since I wrote this original post.  I went this time to the place so that I could get a fresh pie.  The Margarita Pizza looked pretty good, but I stuck with the cheese.  The man in charge told me it was really good today.  Indeed it was.  I ate 3 of the freshest slices you can get.  The dough was made fresh and hand tossed to order and you could taste the difference.  It had everything- a crispy outside and bottom, a slightly doughy and chewy texture to it.  The cheese and sauce melted together perfectly.  The sauce was very simple, a light tomato taste with a sweet flavor to it.  The cheese was melt in your mouth.  so I have to say again, this has got to be the best pizza in LA.  I could have used a little more spices in the sauce and maybe a crispier crust, its not quite as good as N.Y., but its up there. 
It has been there 2 years and thankfully successful.  So this place still stands as the best in my book.

Also I want to add, that it is know that every pizza slice tastes good right out of the oven, it is as the pizza cools when you can really judge it.  Most pizza declines in taste as it cools off.  This pizza however stays delicious, and even when cold has the same textures and flavor.  This is the difference between really well made pizza and all the other crap that is out there.  

Vito's Pizza - 846 N. La Cienega Blvd. 90069
Price: $$$
how can you go wrong with this guy

Vito's Pizza in Los Angeles


  1. I ordered Vitos last night. It's a great piece of pizza. Thank you Pizza Man, whoever you are...

  2. I completely agree with your Vito's review. It's delicious but too expensive. Plus Vito was there once when I ordered some cheese slices that got pretty burned on the bottom. Instead of giving me new slices he said to the counter girl "If he don't want them, I'll eat em!" Making me feel like a little pussy for complaining about burned slices. So I ate the burned slices. But they tasted all burny and I regretted it, because ultimately I would have been MORE of a man to demand unburned slices.

  3. Yum! This pizza hit the spot! Glad to have it in my hood.

  4. This pizza is pretty darn close to the real Brooklyn thing. After finding out that Vito himself is from New Jersey, the taste made sense.

  5. 28.50 for a pizza with pepperoni, onion, peppers and sausage? Okay, fine. Does the delivery person blow you?

  6. I mean come on, it's just a f***ing PIZZA!


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