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Monday, February 23, 2009

Angelino's Pizza

Today I tried to kill a few pizzas with one trip. A pizza crawl if you will, although much more driving than crawling. They were all places I assumed to be subpar, generic, and cheap. So I figured I'd save time and get small pizzas from all these places in one trip.

Here is a video of my pizza review trip. Part 2

Click here to watch part 1  or  part 3

After I ate at 2 for 1 on my pizza crawl I noticed across the street in the other strip mall section was another pizza place.  Angelino's Pizza Restaurant.  So since I was on a trip of bad pizza I thought why not, so wile I was waiting for one I walked across the street to order another.  This place had the same price point as 2 for 1, very cheap.  I again ordered a 10 inch for 5$.  This place inside however was much different.  Not the same clean, sterile, corporate chain feeling.  It was a grungy wide open area with some video games and a small fish tank with a little fish in it, which actually was quite nice.  The counter had a sheet of plexiglass between you and the workers, like a liquor store in a bad neighborhood.  If I did drugs, I think I would have come here to find some.  The fish was nice.  
So the pizza, I took it back and was shocked when I opened it up, so much cheese !  Never have I seen so much.  I could have just kept stretching it out all the way to 2 for 1 across the street before it broke.  The cheese had a funny taste too, it was not normal.  The crust was the thinner of the 3, but still on the thick side and of course not crispy.  The menu says they cook it in a brick oven, I some how doubt that.  The sauce being swallowed by the cheese was completely non existent.  I don't care how much you love cheese this was too much.  Not my style of pizza, and for whatever style of pizza or food it was it wasn't that great.  What can you expect from a place that also serves tacos, burgers, and chicken nuggets.
I was going to give this a 1/2 slice because somewhere out there - there might be someone who like this pizza.  But I think I should just go all the way to an empty tray.  

Angelino's Pizza - 2201 W. Washington Blvd. Los Angeles 90018
Price: ¢

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