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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Grimaldi's Pizzeria

A long history is Grimaldi's.  It started in Brooklyn under the bridge and quickly grew into a huge success and one of the best pizzas in all of NY and therefore the country.  It went through an owner change and some lawsuits that followed, all the while the name Grimaldi's became a chain that spread all over the country.  It has been quite a journey.
         -  Though as far as expanding goes Joe's Pizza has them beat in terms of time and area, opening at least 6 locations and a food truck in Los Angeles.  In just a few years.  

Grimaldi's only has one location in LA and it is in El Segundo.  They use coal fired oven to cook the pizza in.  This oven is quite a hassle as it seemed to delay their opening for almost a year.  The hassle is worth it because it makes the pizza taste delicious and unique to any other pizza in LA, that I know of.

I have been to Grimaldi's a lot since it opened.  It is some of the best pizza in this city.  The crust is crispy and charred with great flavor and a toughness to it.  The sauce on the margarita is just perfect.  A light and sweet sauce, the cheese is light and creamy as well and not overpowering or over used.  I could probably eat their margarita pizza continually until I overdosed and died.  I would not be able to stop eating it.
 It is a great pizza at an affordable price. $16 for a large 18 inch margarita pizza.  The place is a big, sit down casual restaurant with a nice outside patio and a good collection of beers.

 It has been a long time since I ate at the one in NY, so I cant give a detailed review of the differences.  But they aren't exactly the same.  The most notable difference is the spices they put on their pizza.  Oregano and other italian spices are sprinkled on top.  I don't remember them doing that at the original location.  I don't need that personally but I don't mind either.   The crust isn't quite as amazing as NY either, maybe it's in my head, maybe its in the water, maybe its in the air, I don't know.  It is no fault of the chefs though, it is just the way it is in LA.  It's not the same.  But that doesn't make it bad. Grimaldi's recipe and oven make for one of the best crusts in LA and one of the best pizza's.

Grimaldi's Pizzeria
2121 Rosecrans Ave.  Suite 1399
El Segundo, CA 90245
phone 310-648-7503


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