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Friday, March 28, 2008

Combo's Pizza & Numero Uno

Today I decided to walk down to Miceli's to get some pizza.  Walking down hollywood Blvd. I was trying to remember what street it was off of and I totally missed it.  Walked all the way to Vine.  As I walked however I hit up a couple places that I missed on my "Hollywood Strip" outing.  The first was Combo's.  This was the best "big slice" I had.  The crust was crispy and the cheese was good.  The sauce was a little tangy and it didn't taste great to me.  I was expecting it to be more like Greco's and it was a lot better, which isn't saying too much.  Plus the price was reasonable.  3.50 for a "big slice".  I'll take it.  Actually I wouldn't, Stefanos is still better.  

When I hit Vine and turned back the other way I passed Numero Uno which is sort of a chain, but I thought I'd try it.  It wasn't great.  The slice was on the small side and the price was closer to Combo's price.  It didn't taste too bad, it was just kind of dry and not enough sauce.  Plus there were bread crumbs on top, Im not sure if this was an accident or an intentional special touch.  If it was intentional it didn't work.

I finally got to Miceli's and of course I was pretty full at that point and of course they don't sell slices.  But I got a small pizza anyway.  I can't say no to pizza. 

Combo's Pizza - 6338 Hollywood Blvd 90028
Price: $

Numero Uno - 6504 Hollywood Blvd 90028
Price: $$


  1. If I'm not mistaken Numero Uno is supposed to be Chicago style pizza.. but being from the dirty Jerz I still have yet to try this weirdo style of pizza. Maybe what you had was some corporate crossbreed meant to satisfy all pizza tastes but in reality satisfying none.. maybe folks in Arkansas love that shit.. who knows, but I would get a box of pizza bagel bites before I ate at this imposter.

  2. The chicago place is called Pizzeria Uno. Numero Uno is a chain that I believe started in CA but this place is not associated with it. This is just some "corporate cross breed" Probably not much better than bagel bites.


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