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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Robano's Italian Pizza Kitchen

Today I phoned up a relatively new place called Robano's.  They have wood fired ovens and claim to make the Brooklyn style thin crust.  Their slogan is "Simply the Best.."  Unfortunately it is not that simple.  

The don't deliver, yet.  So they say.  The place is pretty cool, big area to eat outside, nice big bar inside with the wood fire ovens near by.  

A large cheese pizza ends up being about 16 dollars, which for a 16 inch is pushing it.  Especially considering how thin the crust was.  It was too thin in my opinion.  The middle was fine, but it was the edge that didn't have any rise in the dough it was flat and chewy, no doughy center and the outside for being as thin as it was, wasn't even that crispy, just chewy.  It was heavily powdered with flour as well.  All this being said it wasn't bad.  The crust even though it didn't have the right form or texture still tasted alright and the sauce was pretty good as well.  This pizza is nothing to write home about, it is average pizza that will satisfy and it will leave you wanting more, not more of the pizza, just something else to eat.  

Robano's Italian Pizza Kitchen - 10057 Riverside Dr 91602
Price: $$


  1. Have you been out to Malibu? Dume Pizza? D'Amore's? Spruzzo?

    Love the blog. I will add you to my blogroll.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thank you I have not been to these places yet. Actually I have ben do D'Amores. You can read the post

  4. This pizza is great! I've had a lot of NY style in LA and this is the best.

  5. Wow that pizza looks nasty old dough no cheese. And 16$????????


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