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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Palisades Pizza

On my way to a job interview I had to travel an hour and half to the Pacific Palisades. So I thought I'd take advantage of my location and see what the Palisades had to offer in the way of pizza. There were 2 spots I found about a block away from each other. One place called Beech St. Pizza and the other aptly named Palisades Pizza.

Palisades Pizza is a small delivery joint in what is essentially the parking garage of a mini mall.
The minute I walked in I was pretty sure of what I was gonna get. A small place with no tables or chairs, basically just a kitchen with neon signs of pizza and breadsticks. In the back I could see the conveyor belt oven. I was disappointed, but not surprised. Though when I heard the price I was surprised. I ordered their extra large cheese which was only 16 inches for a hefty 21 dollars. Though that came with bread sticks, which were pretty good but not needed and not worth the extra dollars.
There is a coupon which is $4 off if you buy an appetizer, which are at least $4. So the pizza doesn't get any cheaper. In fact I saw you could actually pay $1 more to get a thin crust pizza. Which even though it's a rip off, I would have ordered had I known about it, so I guess I'll have to go back.
So the pizza... It was pretty typical, middle American style pizza. It had a doughy thick crust, though not too dense, but very buttery. It was heavy on the cheese, though pretty decent, creamy cheese. The sauce was sweet but wasn't a major factor in the flavor since it was over-powered by the cheese and crust. Overall, for what it was it wasn't bad. The crust was slightly crispy and light and moist, the cheese was decent. The main problem is the price. Usually the price doesn't effect the rating. However, the reality is that this is pretty typical pizza, better than Domino's but not by much, so why would I pay over 4 times as much for basically the same pizza. If the pizza was 7 dollars I'd be satisfied in stead of feeling ripped off.

860 Via De La Paz Pacific Palisades 90272
Open till 12 pm
Price: $$$

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  1. You said the conveyor belt oven was disappointing???
    Convection ovens make the best and fluffiest pizzas! That's common knowlage.
    The 16 inch for 21 dollars (9.75% tax and delivery included) with two free toppings and free garlic bread, was a hefty price???
    You paid only a dollar less for the same pizza at Beech Street without the free toppings and free bread, but you did not mention price being a problem there!
    You said the crust was thick, though not too dense, but very buttery and slightly crispy and light and moist and was heavy on the cheese, and that the sauce was sweet, and that overall, for what it was it wasn't bad, but according to your rating system, you would only eat it if you were "drunk".
    What???? Does that make sense to anyone???
    You said the main problem is the price, and that usually the price doesn't effect the rating. However you did not mention that you only paid one dollar less for the pizza a Beech Street. The same pizza that in your video, is so thin and floppy you can see light through it.
    Even you describe Palisades Pizza's crust as buttery, slightly crispy, light and moist; How could you give it less than a four slice rating????
    Not worth the extra dollar???
    Really?? Can you find a pizza in Pacific Palisades for your made-up price of 7 dollars???
    You compare it to McDonald's style pizza like Domino's as if it were bland cardboard with fake cheese sprinkled on top.
    It's a rip off??? Did you really mean to type that???
    Palisades Pizza might not be the best in LA, but it is the best on the west side.

  2. I would delete the above comment, but I don't believe in that. The guy did not seem to read my blog very well, or he at least didn't comprehend it.
    In his defense Im not the best writer, so let me see if I can spell it out for him.
    Im glad you really like this pizza, everyone has their favorite place. But you are getting ripped off, sorry to say.
    This is average pizza that you can find any where in this city or any city in the country. It is thick and filling w/ cheap ingredients. It is absolutely one of Dominos competitors. For what it is, yes I said it wasn't bad. Though it is not my style of pizza.

    I think for awhile there you could get a Domino's pizza for $5. Thats a good deal. Maybe you are used to rip off prices in the palisades, but in Hollywood there are lots of the same kind of pizzas for about 7 dollars, I did not make up that price. I also did not pay a dollar more for Beech street. I payed $17, which is 4 dollars less. This is still pricey, but you are getting a much higher quality pizza. So it wasn't worth the rant.
    So you get breadsticks with it, great $21 is less of a rip off, but who needs breadsticks, you already have a giant breadstick w/ cheese and sauce on it.
    I take back what I said about my main problem with the pizza is price. My main problem is the pizza isn't really that good. Which makes me more angry that I paid $21 for it.


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