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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Santa Monica Pizza

Here are the Pizza Joints on the farthest West coast.
(Includes west of Centinela Ave and north and south along the coast from Malibu to Long Beach)

Antica Pizzeria: 13455 Maxella Ave. Marina Del Rey Overall: ∆∆∆∆1/2
Joe's Pizza: 111 Broadway Ave./ Ocean Ave. Overall: ∆∆∆1/2
Abbot's Pizza Co: 1407 Abbot Kinney blvd (also Pico ) Overall: ∆∆∆1/2
Richie Palmer's Pizzeria: 1355 Ocean Ave / Arizona ave Overall: ∆∆∆
Dagwood's NY Pizza: Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica Overall: ∆∆∆
Beech Street Pizzeria/Cafe: Pacific Palisades Overall: ∆∆1/2
Palisades Pizza: Pacific Palisades Overall: ∆ 1/2

---- NOT ME RATED ----

Zeppy's Pizza: Pier Ave. Hermosa Beach Overall: ∆∆1/2
Manhattan Pizzeria: Manhattan Beach Blvd Overall: ∆∆∆∆1/2


  1. Pizza Antica in MDR is the real deal!

  2. Sorry, Manhattan Pizzeria has to be the worst! Trust me. Nice enough people and convenient to the beach......but terrible pie.


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