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Monday, April 14, 2008

Guest Bloggers: Help me!

I recently posted a blog by someone other than myself.  Although I would like to keep it mainly my own opinions, it is my blog, I do like the idea of random people's reviews to add some color and variety in writing to this blog.  Plus there are a hell of a lot of pizza places here.  

I am only one man, and can not eat everywhere, or at least not before a new place pops up around the corner.  I have been eating pizza regularly for about 2 months and have just started to see the end of my journey in Hollywood.  Thats it, just Hollywood, I still have Santa Monica, The Valley, East LA and everywhere in between to go.  So I urge the few people who read this to take it upon yourself to discover a new pizza place, and if you have an opinion write a review.  If I haven't discovered it yet and you aren't crazy I'll post it until I can take time to visit it myself.  If you are a person who doesn't love pizza please preface that before you review it. 

Just a note on reviews, make sure you remember the kind of pizza you ordered and how much it was, and the name of the place helps too.  Give it a rating out of 5  and if you want to take some pictures you can do that too.  You can find my email on my profile. 
Good luck, the sooner we get a handle on all the pizzerias in LA the sooner we will all be happy.       


  1. I love pizza. I loved reading your blog. I now realize I need to visit a LOT more places for pizza...but, thgat being said I have been to over half the places on your list (plus a few you haven't) i ain't doing half bad! So, what i am trying to say is..keep on keeping rock1 You should check out Garage Pizza on Sunset near Fountain...I think you would like it judging by your preferences and palate. And, don't bother with Lucifer's on Hillhurst...lame lame lame.


  2. thanks doug - I don't think that classified as helping me though.
    I have since been to both lucifers and garage pizza

  3. I'm looking for a good gluten free pizza in LA. Any ideas?


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