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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

El Greco Cafe

Well I went on a little trip to a new place that opened in Hollywood, called Yammy Pizza. Turns out it wasn't fully open yet ( this was last week, it is now open) and there was a greek type restaurant next door that also did pizza. They are probably known for their lamb gyros or their mousaka plate, but I was in the mood for pizza.

They have greek style pizzas which look to be only different in style because of the toppings. I ordered a plain cheese. It was 16 inches for $10.
The pizza was definitely different than most. I wouldn't say it was greek in style, though I am unfamiliar with this style of pizza. The crust was very dough an thick. It tasted really good for bread before a meal, but not for pizza crust. It actually had green leaves of some sort baked right inside, possibly spinach. It was very fresh and tasty, just not crispy or thin. The cheese and sauce were good, both put on pretty heavy. The sauce was a thick tomato paste with lots of spices.
All in all it was pretty tasty. It has a fresh taste, though heavy and filling. It wasn't, as far as your typical pizza that good but I can't be too hard on them since they aren't really a pizza place. If you are in the mood for something different I guess you might enjoy it. Otherwise just stick with the actual greek food.

El Greco Cafe
6767 W. Sunset Blvd 90028 (reviewed)
1824 N. Vermont Ave 90027
Price: $

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