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Monday, November 3, 2008

Mexican Pizza

Sorry for the delay in pizza reviews. I have been in Mexico for awhile and the pizza selection down there is a bit limited. To my surprise however there was a spot right down the street from where I was staying, in Rosarito Beach. It was called Fabrizzio’s. One of the funnier names I have come across. There was a young American girl who was somewhat running the place. When I asked if it was good NY style pizza she corrected me and told me ,"no it's Mexican style." Mexican style pizza is an interesting topic, one that I discuss in greater detail here. I don't feel this was too Mexican in style, more just American pizza in Mexico. That being said it was different than any other pizza in the U.S. Of course when you put pepperoni on it, that americanizes it quite a bit.

Other Mexican Pizza I have had are El Chapulin in LA and Tidal Wave Pizza. in Hollywood. The first pie I had was a large, about 16 or 18 inches, pepperoni and garlic.
The toppings were really good and the combination of the garlic with the meat worked for me. The pizza crust was extremely crispy and thin. It was blackened on the edges and bottom in some places. They definitely know how to cook it. The other ingredients were the main problem. The crust was more of a pita bread type crust, it came apart in layers and had those holes poked in the bottom at even intervals. So no matter how crispy it was, it wasn’t going to taste like good NY style crust. The sauce and cheese were pretty generic, tomato paste and shredded cheese out of a bag. It might work for a taco, but not for pizza. Of course the fact that I was in Mexico on the beach with a few beers in me, made the pizza taste way better than it was. Since it was about the only place to eat around there, I went back the next day and got a personal size pie with jalapenos.
I learned a while back there is no topping better than jalapenos especially when in Mexico. Once again the toppings were the highlight. The pizza was the same. The price is not what you’d think either. Very expensive for pizza and for Mexico. It was over 20 dollars with the tip on the large pizza. The personal pizza was about 14 $ for a 12 inch. In fact I didn’t have enough money on me after I ordered it. Luckily they were nice enough to let me walk back and get some, they could have just made me wash the dishes or just killed me.
I enjoyed everything in Mexico, including the pizza, it was still better than some of the worst I’ve had here in LA. So I will give them credit for that. I cannot judge all of Mexico’s pizza of course on one place. So this is what I thought of Fabrizzio’s.

A video for you....

Fabrizzio’s – Rosarito Beach, Mexico
Price $$$

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