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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Here are your Hollywood Pizza Joints. In order from best to worst, roughly
( This includes everything between La Cienega to Cahuenga and Franklin to Wilshire)

Vito’s Pizza: La Cienega Blvd/Santa Monica blvd Overall ∆∆∆∆1/2
Mother Dough: Hollywood and Vermont ∆∆∆∆1/2
Village Pizzeria: Larchmont Blvd / Yucca St. Overall ∆∆∆∆
Stefanos Pizza(Two Guys from Italy): Hollywood Strip Overall: ∆∆∆∆
Verrazano's Pizza: North La Brea Overall: ∆∆∆∆
Rocco’s: Wilshire Blvd/Crescent Heights Blvd (also on Vermont) Overall: ∆∆∆∆
Patsy D’Amore’s Pizza: the grove Overall: ∆∆∆∆
Cristoni Pizza: Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood Overall: ∆∆∆1/2
Domiano's Mr. Pizza: Farifax/Beverly Overall: ∆∆∆
Z Pizza: Larchmont Blvd. Overall: ∆∆∆
Angeli Caffe: Melrose/La Brea •PENDING• Overall: ∆∆∆1/2
Panini's Pizza: Sunset blvd, west hollywod Overall: ∆∆∆1/2
Frankie and Johnnies: Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood (3 locations) Overall: ∆∆∆1/2
Terroni: Beverly and Curson 7605 Overall: ∆∆∆ 1/2
Berri's Pizza Cafe: 3rd St / Farifax Overall: ∆∆∆1/2
Happy Endings Bar: Sunset Blvd/La Brea
Big Mama’s and Papa’s: Vista/Sunset (multiple locations) Overall: ∆∆∆
Deano’s Gourmet Pizza: the grove Overall: ∆∆∆
Pizzeria Mozza: 641 Highland / Melrose Overall: ∆∆∆
D'Amores Famous Pizza: 3rd St (Coming Soon) Overall: ∆∆∆
Combos: hollwood strip Overall ∆∆∆
Rafallos: Sunset / Fuller (numerous Locations) Overall: ∆∆∆
Johnnies NY Pizza and Pasta: Wilshire / Burnside (Multiple Locations) Overall: ∆∆∆
Crispy Crust: 1253 N Vine St (multiple Locations) Overall: ∆∆∆
NY Pizza and Pasta: La Brea / Sunset Overall: ∆∆∆
Enzo’s: Melrose / Labrea Overall: ∆∆∆
Greenwich Village Pizzeria: Santa Monica/San Vicente Overall: ∆∆∆
Pizza World: Farifax/3rd Overall: ∆∆1/2
North End Pizzeria: 3rd St / La Cienega Overall: ∆∆1/2
Brick Dome: Farifax / SantaMonica Overall : ∆∆∆
Tomato Pie Pizza Joint: 7751 1/2 Melrose Overall: ∆∆1/2
Oak Fire Pizzeria & Pub: 829 N La Cienega Overall: ∆∆∆
Pizza Al Forno: Hollywood Strip Overall: ∆∆∆
Pizza Bella: North of Franklin on Highland Overall: ∆∆∆
Yammy Pizza: Sunset/Highland Overall: ∆∆1/2
Tidal Wave Mexican Food: 6112 Sunset Blvd. Overall: ∆∆1/2
Red Rock: Sunset Strip Overall: ∆∆1/2
Asparagus Pizza: 1809 N. Cahuenga Blvd Overall: ∆∆1/2
Andres Pizza: Hollywood Strip Overall: ∆∆
RainBow Room: Sunset Strip Overall: ∆∆
Pizza Rustica: Sunset Strip Overall: ∆∆
El Greco Cafe: Sunset Blvd / Highland Ave Overall: ∆∆ 1/2
Marco’s Trattoria: 8136 Santa Monica Overall: ∆∆
Cheebo: Sunset Blvd/Gardner Overall: ∆∆1/2
Venice Pizza & Deli: Hollywood Strip Overall: ∆∆
Rainforest Cafe: Sunset Blvd/Gardner Overall: ∆∆
Pizza Mayven: La brea / Beverly Overall: ∆∆
Mamma Mia’s: Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood Overall : ∆∆
Miceli’s Italian Restaurant: Las Palmas / Hollywood Overall: ∆∆
Numero Uno: Hollywood Strip Overall: ∆∆
Grecos: Hollywood Strip Overall: ∆
BOHO: Sunset Blvd in the Arc light complex Overall: ∆∆
Hollywood Pizzeria Express: Hollywood and Highland Overall: 0

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