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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Brick Dome Pizza

Brick Dome Pizza is a small place in West Hollywood that seems like it mostly does deliveries.  I like its slogan, "The way pizza should really taste."

If this is the way pizza should taste, then I guess I don't like pizza anymore.  That's a bit harsh, the real problem with this wasn't so much the taste as the crust.  It was paper thin and brittle, much like a place called Stone Fire Pizza, which has a similar name as well.  There was no doughy element to it.  The sauce and cheese were good however.  Once you get past the boring crust it isn't bad.  Although the price is more than it's worth.  I got away with using an expired coupon from when they had different prices I guess, and it was still 14 dollars.  A regular price would be 17 dollars for a large 1 topping pizza.  That is a little more than it should be.  Another day another pizza. 

Brick Dome Pizza - 7901 Santa Monica Blvd 90046
Price: $$

Brick Dome Pizza in West Hollywood

1 comment:

  1. oh no, i leave in wehoo and I love there pizza. and actually there crust is the best i ever had in U.S.A I am from Italy and this pizza is the one that I found kinda similar to what I used to have back there. Anyways there one large one toping is only 9.99 so I guess we are not talking about the same place. The one that I know is on santa monica and fairfax.


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