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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lucifer's Pizza

Lucifers definitely has an original theme going for it.  Devil inspired, it looks more like a club from the outside than a pizza joint.  Plus it has "Damned good pizza" or so they say.  Also to go with the theme they will spice up the pizza with hot sauce I think.  You can choose your level of chilli's.  A few things they claim are: flame cooked, I guess opposed to microwave cooked.  Also they say they get their dough delivered from N.Y., so how fresh can it be ?  The place opened about 5 months ago, it appears they are a place that will be known for their toppings.  Lots of crazy combinations, including pumpkin and prosciutto with garlic, basil and spinach.  I got that.
NBC is a critic now I guess.  
Anyway I still had to stick with the basic cheese pizza, so I got half cheese and half pumpkin/prosciutto.  It was 16 inches, which for a cheese would have been 13 dollars.  The half and half came to 17.  
It looked pretty good when it came out.  Large crust bubbles, everyone loves those.  I popped them all by myself.  The crust was on the thick side, very doughy.  It was not crispy at all, not on the bottom or on the edge, just bready.  It was a light, good tasting dough however  Even coming all the way from NY it tasted fresh.  The sauce was pretty tasty as well, I would say the highlight.  It was a very light, sweet and tomatoey sauce.  The cheese was good and fresh too, however a little too much of it.   
Here is a close up on the pumpkin/prosciutto/garlic/basil/spinach pizza.  I will say the flavors worked pretty well together.  The pumpkin was a subtle sweet flavor that worked with the tomatoes and offset the strong garlic taste and the salty taste of the meat I enjoyed the toppings a lot.  
Overall I'd say this pizza is definitely a quality pie, with quality ingredients and crazy toppings.  It is no NY style slice, my preferred variety.  It is the more filling thicker variety that is common across the nation.  Nevertheless, very tasty.     

Here is a crazy video of my venture:

Lucifers - 1958 Hillhurst Ave Los Feliz 
Prices: $

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