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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Slice Truck LA

I remember a day when a food truck meant tacos. Taco But lately there has been a flooding of food trucks all over, from Korean BBQ to grilled cheese and now of course pizza too. It all amounts to just more traffic on the highways. It is actually hard to go driving around and not see one. Maybe a food truck will make me something while we are sitting in traffic on the freeway together, now that'd be something great.

Anyway I could be writing a review of the new slice truck, but I can't ever track the thing down. Wherever I am it seems to be in the opposite direction. Don't worry I won't quit.
Till then here is an interesting article on the Slice Trucks Blog that talks about the geometry of it's pizza and pizza in general.

Slice Truck


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  2. I have had their pizza and I loved it!


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