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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coachella 2010 Pizza

Dead Weather
Well it's festival time again. My usual weekend is Coachella, it is becoming a tradition. Though a tradition that I'm thinking, I won't be able to sustain for my whole life.

Every year it is exciting to hear some awesome music, see all the crazy people and see what pizza options they will have. This year it was all about the hats.
There were 3 pizza places I found. One was an old standard. I (heart) Spicy Pie. It isn't that great, but it's filling and you can have jalapenos on it. So really thats all you need. People aren't really there for the food. Music first, drugs second, saying you were there, third and maybe food is fourth.
There were 2 new ones this year. One which was a wood burning one that Im excited about and will get to in a second.
The other was called Rock N Roll Pizza. It was in the beer garden on the far side of the festival. It seems to have taken the place of what was last years place called Pie for the People. Which is too bad because that place was great. I walked through to check it out but found it was 7 dollars for a regular sized slice. I wasn't that hungry so I didn't feel like getting ripped off. It actually didn't look to bad, it might have even had a chance to be good, but for the price I just couldn't justify it. Looking back at last year I realize that Pie For the People was also 7$ a slice. I'd like to think that it was a bigger slice but most likely it was the same. I guess I had a few beers and just wanted a slice. Both, no matter how good a pizza are ripping you off. Anyway, Rock N Roll Pizza didn't look like anything special that I was missing out on, so I passed.

The excitement came from the VIP area. Very important people need very important pizza. A place called Full of Life Flatbread Pizza which had a hand made stone, wood fired oven.
It looked amazing. The pizza and the oven. They had a menu of several different toppings. The pizza was 10$ for a little personal round pie. This of course was even more than the 7$ slice. Again it's a rip off, but unfortunately you come to expect overpaying at festivals. At least with this place you were getting probably 2 slices worth and a much higher quality pizza.
The pizza tasted great. It was a light crispy thin crust that was cooked perfectly. It was a wheat crust which I wouldnt normally order, but tasted pretty good and was lighter than usual. The one I ordered was a 3 cheese. I'm not 100% on this but I think it was mozzarella, parmesan and something that started with an 'S' like stracciatella or sappada or something. IT was good cheese, perhaps a little too much because I found it hard to taste the sauce. But for the most part the flavor was spot on. It was real quality pizza, which I think I'd be happy to eat outside a festival setting.
They have a place just north of Santa Barbara as well as frozen cooked pizzas that they sell in Whole Foods. So check them out. Full of Life Foods

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I'm all ready for next year. Excited to see what the newest trends in fashion and pizza might be.


  1. Correction - we were baking Very Important Pizza! I just thought I'd chime in on the $10 rip-off comment: firstly realize that $3.5 immediately goes toward the festival. Secondly: What is the costs of a Certified Organic, Hand~Made, locally sourced (to Santa Barbara County where we are from) ingredient, pizza? The real costs of our food should be in how our food tastes - not in the margins that certain vendors make. The Flatbread Pizzas we served at Coachella were 9"/ 4-slice meals. After witnessing the big name food-service trucks dropping off supplies each morning at some of the other venues I think, and several people told us this at the venue, that we were underpriced at $10. Glad you liked the pizza though and thanks for the photos. Should you ever venture north out of LA into Santa Barbar wine country come visit our restaurant in Los Alamos ; we also sell our pizzas frozen in SoCal Whole Foods locations.
    Thanks - Clark
    Owner: Full of Life Flatbread

  2. That oven is amazing looking my bf just made one with blue butterflies on it as well. Cool..

  3. Clark - Thanks for the price details. When I say rip off I guess I am referring to the 3.5 that goes to the festival. I don't blame you. Like I said the 10 Dollars I paid to you got me a lot more and a lot higher quality pizza so I was o.k. with it.
    Much better than paying 7$ for an average slice from RnR pizza.

  4. I believe that prize wont be the problem. Not only pizza in the festival everything is more expensive than general.

  5. pie for the people was totally pizza on the festi scene

  6. Jealous you guys who can been there...Seems really nice.


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