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Monday, April 28, 2008

Coachella Pizza 2008

Yes, I went to Coachella this weekend and yes, I had the pizza.  I don't mean to make anyone jealous by writing this, I just want to share my pizza experience.

 It was a long weekend, long days and intense heat in the desert.  There was a ton of food everywhere - BBQ, burritos, hot dogs, cheese steaks and even some Thai food.  Most all of it was overpriced and not that good.  The cheese steaks did look good, and I regret not getting one.  A group of us hit the food early on Friday, to check out our options.  A friend got a chimichanga, which he claimed was straight from Costco.  He used to get them there, a 50 pack for 5 bucks; they were selling them for 8 dollars each.  Even the chips and salsa seemed to be from Costco, man are they making money.  
I, of course, went straight for the pizza, got a slice of cheese for 6 dollars.  A little absurd to say the least.  They did warm it up for me and smiled so I didn't feel so bad.  The pizza looked pretty good when it came out steaming hot.  At first it tasted alright, the cheese and sauce were generic but satisfying.  The crust wasn't crispy it was just kind of cooked bread and by the end,  it was just too chewy and tasteless to finish the crust.  While it was not the worst pizza I have had, there are better ways of spending 6 dollars, probably on the fried burrito next door, it may be from Costco but that doesn't mean it isn't good. 
However...   on Sunday I needed some food.  I thought about the cheese steak, but the reality is, and this is why I love pizza, pizza is easy and at the time close by.  So I went back.  Now, this is where I give the pizza some credit.  The place is called I (Heart) Spicy Pizza.  It is called this because they have a pizza with jalapeno's and pepperoni's.  Now, I am not a huge fan of spicy things, but occasionally I venture into that world.  It was night time, the air was cool, Prince was about to go on and maybe I had a couple too many drinks, but that was the best combination of pizza I have ever had.  Of course I usually just stick to cheese so I don't try that many, but seriously I need to start looking for that, because that was delicious.  If the sauce, cheese, and most importantly the crust had been well made, I would highly recommend that combo.
I apologize for not getting pictures of the pizza, once again I forgot.  But here are some pictures of crazy people in Ray-Bans.  
I (Heart) Spicy Pizza - Coachella and possible other festivals
Price: $$$$
Jalapeno and Pepperoni:


  1. Spicy Pie pizza is the best, I have it at Coachella every year. It is outstanding.

  2. you should try the NY SLICE Pizza that is a new place there now, it is wayyy better.


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