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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cristoni Pizzeria

UPDATE: So since I posted this, Cristoni on Sunset is no more. It seems to have been muscled out by the big New Yorker, Joe. There is still a place in Beverly Hills, so don't worry, all you Cristoni heads out there. I have not been to this location, but I can only assume it is the same.

Here is the review I posted from the former sunset location:

A new place called Cristoni just opened up not too long ago in West Hollywood, on the sunset strip. It replaced an eatery called Pita Pit. There used to be a Pita Pit near my college that I ate on a regular basis, this one just wasn't as good as that, and that's probably why its gone.
I forgot my camera, so sorry about the low res pictures (cell phones: they aren't cameras)
I ordered a large cheese pizza, 16 dollars, I think it was 16 inches as well. With drinks it was about 23 dollars. They had some fancy root beer from Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Dr. Brown cream soda which I got and realized it was diet, ehh I hate diet. Expensive sodas to say the least.
The pizza took awhile to come out but it was pipping hot when we got it. We had to force ourselves to wait till it cooled. The pizza tasted pretty good initially. It was pretty oily on top and had a very salty flavor. This probably came from the fact that is wasn't 100% mozzarella. That being said it wasn't too salty or oily. It added to the flavor. The sauce was very light and sweet. Very tasty. The crust too was good. It was a cornmeal bottom crust apposed to a flour based. I don't usually like the cornmeal bottoms, but this one was done just right. It was crispy and well cooked. When folded in half it creased very nicely but did not break. It was very light and airy similar in style to a pastry, but tougher. As I was eating it I found myself trying to find reasons not to give it a high rating, for some reason I guess I was feeling over critical. Yes there was a little too much cheese for my liking and it was kind of oily and salty. The crust was a little untraditional, but really overall I really enjoyed the pizza. I warmed it up the next day in the oven, got the crust a little more cooked and it was almost better. So I have to say it is exciting that our pizza options are expanding in a good way.

490 N. Beverly Dr. Beverly Hills 90210
Price: $$
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  1. Very nice blog, each update has something special and we can't ignore the pizza! It's the easiest food and everyone can eat it, specially with a soda and it'd be nice if you can add some new recipes about how make a delicious pizza without cheeses.


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