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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kosher Pizza Station

On one side it says Mexican on the other it says Pizza. When you drive by it gives the impression that it serves Mexican pizza. This of course is not the same. It is a Kosher food joint that serves up everything they can cook, from Mexican to Italian and classic Jewish cuisines. Located on Pico in a relatively Jewish neighborhood there are a few other pizza joints to compete with, a few blocks East, Pizza Mania and a few blocks West, Shalom Pizza.
Despite my disappointment that it wasn't Mexican Pizza I ordered a large 14'' cheese pizza anyway. Because that is what I do. Above is a picture of their out door rug. Nice!

The pizza looked different right off the bat. It was a light color with a lot of noticeable spices. It was a light color because it was lacking the right amount of sauce. The sauce was a thicker heavily spiced sauce and put on very light. So mainly it was just the cheese and the thicker than average bread-y dough. The dough did get ever so slightly crispy on the bottom but it was mainly just doughy and had a oil taste taste to it. The wild card with this pizza was an unusual pizza spice, Rosemary. It was a pretty noticeable flavor and one not usually associated with pizza. So that alone made it original which I give credit for, however the lack of sauce and the thick dough didn't really do much for me.

Kosher Pizza Station
8965 W. Pico Blvd LA 90035
Price: $$

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