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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Joe Peeps

I started a new job this week and it has been changing my eating habits.  My time with pizza has become a little more precious.  This is a good thing, in the sense I have now more pizza options in a new location, but I also feel wrong eating pizza everyday in front of other people.  There is something about pizza that is associated with laziness, perhaps this is because of the way it makes you feel after you eat it.  Anyway, thats not the trait I want to have bestowed upon me by other people in the office.  Although, sometimes I can get others on board to collaborate, which is nice. 

So today I searched for a place to get some delivery, I didn't have time to pick up, busy work day.  I finally found a place called Joe Peeps NY Pizza  I thought it might be too far for them, but they said, "nah, don't worry about, we'll just charge you a dollar every mile we drive."  So it was 4 dollars for them to deliver, a few dollars for tip and reasonably priced 14'' cheese pizza for 13 dollars.  It ended up being over $20 which is ridiculous, but they seem to have some good deals, and if you pick up its not too bad.  

Now I don't know what the feel and look of this place was, since I didn't pick up, but judging by the guy that delivered the pizza and the guy who I ordered it from, which may have been the same guy, and also based on the name, I'm thinking its your typical whole in the wall pizzeria, with a loud italian looking guy working the counter.  The interesting thing is, the picture on the web site: 
Ooh, someone's got a secret.  Not exactly the high class pizza eaters I would think visit this fine establishment.  Then there is this one, it's like a shot from a Viagra commercial or something, haha.  
"Pizza will make you feel young again, and happy."
Happy diners - Come enjoy our Italian food or call in a delivery at our pizza restaurant in Whittier, California.

Anyway, to the pizza.  It said NY style, it's in its name.  The pizza was not NY style, however I hear they have a thin crust option you can go with, I was unaware of this, so maybe next time.  But when I ordered a regular cheese pizza, thin crust is not what I got.  I got a thick crust, a lot of cheese, and a heavy sauce.  When the delivery guy handed me the pizza I almost dropped it because it was so heavy, literally it weighed a ton.  I told him it was heavy, he just laughed and said it was made with real ingredients, oh o.k. that makes sense now.  So the pizza was fine, the cheese was really creamy and soft and tasted pretty fresh, the sauce had a strong tomato taste closer to a pasta sauce, and the crust was semi crispy but mainly a thick center of dough.  ( I have pictures, but I don't feel like uploading them, its 2 am)  There was just so much of everything, heavy and thick.  It was overkill, the taste was good but it turns into a gooey mess.  The thin crust may be a different story, but this was not NY style, maybe New England style or just Suburb style.  Isn't that what The Valley is anyway.  Till I eat the thin crust option, I have to say it was just average.

Joe Peeps - 14450 Whittier Blvd 90605
Price $$
Joe Peep's New York Pizza on Urbanspoon


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  2. New England style pizza is the same as NY style - thin crust, not too much sauce, not too much cheese. We do not have thick crust pizza like that in Boston, especially not in our beloved North End.

  3. Try Joe Peeps in Valley Village....pretty tasty. Get the Blue Collar. More NY Style then most LA pizza, but nothing like Lombardi's in NY. The Joe Peeps you reviewd is a knock off of the Valley Village one. Also you must visit the location for the full effect.

  4. Hey Maybe You Should There other location (i dont think those two are associated anymore) Joe Peeps NY Pizza in North Hollywood im a pizza eater myself drop by one day.


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