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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pizza Rustica

Today I stopped in a small pizza place called Pizza Rustica.  It is on the sunset strip, and apparently there is one in Beverly Hills as well.  Of course this is a franchise that runs wild in Florida, with more than 10 different places and also there are a couple in France too, I don't know what thats about.  This place I'm guess makes their money on people passing by.  The sunset strip is filled with tourists and other late night party people.  All of who want nothing more than a quick slice to go.  They have many different toppings here, lots of different veggie combos - artichoke pizza, 3 kinds of mushrooms pizza, spinach and blue cheese.  I have to stress again, anyone can put great fresh toppings on a pizza, but that doesn't make it good.

The pizzas on display are in a rectangular pan rather than the classic round and the slice you get is quite a large square.  I ordered a medium 14 inch Margherita.  Which was round not square, strange how the display pizzas would be different.  It was 13 dollars, not terrible but for what I got a little too much.     
This is what the pizza looked like after I ate most of it.  Including part of the slice pictured.  Sorry my appetite got the best of me again. 
Everything was put on heavy.  Lots of sauce and cheese on a doughy crust.  On top was a lot of crushed basil which does not taste the same as fresh basil.  The cheese tasted pretty decent, but the sauce was just plain.  It tasted fresh, but didn't have too much flavor to it.  The crust was the worst part.  It was a generic pre made doughy pad of bread.  The under side was very dark and it would seem that the pizza had been cooked very well, and it should be crispy, but it was not crispy at all.  Very cheap poorly made pizza.  Yeah maybe the ingredients were fresh, but they weren't the right ingredients and they don't have the right recipe.  On their menu they have various quotes of praise from Wall Street Journal, Zagat, and Angeleno Mag.  Angeleno says the are among the top 5 pizzas in LA and Wall Street Journal says they are the top 10 best pizzas in the Country.  I don't know how true these comments are, but they must of been drugged when they had this pizza.  It is in no way the best pizza anywhere.  It isn't even the best on the Sunset strip.  Panini's Pizza, or Frankie and Johnnies would fall in that category.  
I have had much worse, but to say it is some of the best pizza is ridiculous. it isn't even average pizza, even for LA's standards.

Pizza Rustica - 8410 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood 90069
Price: $$

Pizza Rustica on Urbanspoon
Pizza Rustica on Urbanspoon


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