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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Brooklyn Pizzeria

Deep in the Valley, in a happening suburb called Reseda is a little know pizza place called Brooklyn Pizzeria. They have been there for 35 years and for 15 of those years they have had another competitor across the street, JC's Famous Pizza. Though the pizzas couldn't be any more different, I don't think they have any problems.
I ordered a large cheese pizza it was 16 inches for about $11. I had heard good things about this place so I drove all the way from Hollywood to check it out. So needless to say my hopes were quite high.
I don't think my expectations were met, but it wasn't a bad pie. The crust was very thin from center to the edge, it had no rise. It was crispy and charred all the way through, the bottom and edge were well cooked. It also was pretty chewy and tough, which isn't something you get too often out here. As the pizza cooled the crust got a lot tougher and dryer however, definitely something you want to eat right away.
The sauce was not necessarily a light, sweet sauce. It was more of a thicker, spicier sauce. Pretty decent flavor though, it must of had some crushed basil in it. The sauce and cheese were put on in good amounts and kind of mixed well together in harmony, with a light oily covering on top. The cheese was pretty standard but like I said the right amount of it.
Trying to show you the thin charred crust, sorry it didn't really come out.
Overall the pizza wasn't mind blowing. Though the 2 guys who were running the place were eccentric fellows who seemed to really stand behind their pizza. So I will credit them for that. I certainly wouldn't drive to Reseda for this pizza, but if I was in the area it wouldn't be so bad.

Brooklyn Pizzeria
6745 Tampa Ave. Reseda 91335
Price: $

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  1. Brooklyn Pizzeria hasn't been there for 35 years.. they advertise incorrectly as my Mom was the original owner. It has been 33 years.. Just so you know.

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