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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Panini Pizza and Pasta

I have been told this place is pretty good. I never noticed it before, I think because when I saw the name I didn't think pizza. Living here in L.A., if a place is called Panini, I think fancy sandwiches. I realize that might be spelled with 2 N's but whatever. So the other night I took a friend and we went to the place, had a large pizza and a couple beers. The beers are less than 4 dollars so thats a good deal, especially on the sunset strip. We got a medium, that was 14 inches, so it was more than enough. It was about 12 dollars and we got 2 toppings sausage and bell peppers, so it was more money after that, obviously. It took awhile to come out, and it was a little black on the edges, so it was clear they forgot about it or just didn't care. I have to say though, it was pretty good. The crust despite being blackened on the edges, had a decent crunch and doughy inside and tasted alright, it was a little floppy in the middle, which I'm guessing was from all the grease. The grease was a little too much, this could have been caused by the toppings, or it might always be that way from the cheese.
I have since gone back and ordered a large 16 inch pizza, just cheese. The crust is still the same, it has good flavor and is crispy, though the cooking times are a little inconsistent. So sometimes not as crispy. The cheese and sauce are a bit of a disappointment though. With toppings like sausage, the cheese and sauce are a little over shadowed. This time I could taste them in their purest form. The cheese was put on heavy and it was kind of a low grade mozzarella, which means it is extra salty and oily. The sauce seemed a little cheap as well, loaded with sugar and not really many other spices. The crust being good goes a long way for a pizza. Despite the cheese and sauce being subpar it is a pretty decent pie and cheap as well. If the sauce was legit it would be one of the best.

8849 West Sunset Blvd. 90069
Price: $
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