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Friday, April 24, 2009


I found this place the other day, it is kind of tucked inside a little collection of businesses. It has some interesting decor inside with a collection of antique chairs and tables, and some interesting wall paper it is a little like your grandmothers dinning room. Kind of a cool spot.

I ordered a medium cheese pizza, 14'' it was $13. When i opened the box it was an interesting sight.
The first thing you notice is the huge matte of cheese on top. This is a big problem for me. The cheese was mainly bland tasting not that creamy, either it was a low grade mozzarella or it was a low fat kind. On top of the sub par cheese there was a lot of it. The sauce continued with the theme of low quality. Again kind of bland, but very sweet. Similar to a generic tomato paste. The crust too wasn't quite right, as you can see it was cooked pretty well, it was nice and crispy on the bottom and edge.
However, it was too thick and didn't have and spring back in the edge. It was simply charred on the bottom and gooey and doughy on the inside.
This last picture looks like a pizza murder doesn't it. Don't worry the pizza was not harmed. In fact I flipped it back on the right side with out it being deformed at all. This in fact, is not normal. You can criticize all the elements of the pizza for pages and pages, not being fresh, not being cooked right, not enough of one, too much of the other, but what it comes down to is the overall taste and enjoyment and how well all the elements work together. This is why, to me, this pizza is no good. The cheese, sauce and crust didn't work together. They didn't meld together into one bite of pizza. The cheese just sat on top like it was uncomfortable and slid off after taking a bite. The sauce didn't penetrate the crust or the cheese in any way. It stayed separate. The crust, same as the rest did not mingle with the cheese and sauce. It was like each ingredient was meant for a different pie. None of it complimented each other or fit together in the same puzzle. Overall the experience was not too pleasurable, and just didn't work for me. The crispy crust was a plus but even that was not pliable, it just cracked and crumbled. So really there wasn't a whole lot to like about this pizza, unfortunately.

2815 sunset Blvd. Silverlake, CA 90026
Price: $$

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