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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

North California Pizza

Sorry for the delay in pizza posts.  I have been away visiting family up in Davis outside Sacramento.

Perhaps North California Pizza is a misleading title for this post.  Since I was neither in North California, nor did I eat that much pizza to make assumptions about all pizza north of L.A. 
I did however eat at 2 different spots on my vacation and would like to share.
The fist stop was in Monterey.  We went to the Aquarium saw lots of fish, after eating fish the night before.  So for lunch we went to one of the few pizza places in the touristy Cannery Row area.  The place, was of course called Cannery Row Pizza. 
It looked promising from the outside.  We ordered a 15 inch pizza for about 16 dollars I think.  The pizza 15 minutes later came to the table.  It didn't look all that great to me.  The crust was flat and white cheese was everywhere.         
All in all the pizza wasn't terrible.  Considering where we were it could have been worse I suppose.  It filled the stomach.  The best way to sum up this pizza is generic.  Everything from the sauce to the crust and the cheese were cheap and generic ingredients.  The sauce had little flavor.  The crust had probably been frozen at one point.  The cheese although it didn't taste that bad, had way too much on it.  It was semi crispy and the taste wasn't horrible so I ate it and moved on with my day.  So there you have it, I can't say I was surprised but when I see a pizza place I haven't tried it is hard for me to turn away.

Cannery Row Pizzeria - Monterey, Cannery Row CA
Price: $$

After Monterey, me and my girlfriend drove up the coast and eventually went just outside the Sacramento area to Davis to visit some family.  There seems to be a good amount of pizza places in Davis, some what impressive for a small town.  It is kind of a college town so I guess that explains it.  One night we hit up one of the college pizza joints.  It as called Woodstocks Pizza.  The inside was a definite hang out spot for the drinking age. 
(sorry no pictures) but there is a web site
We ordered a large because the medium is only 12 inches.  The large is 14.  It's one of those extra large-large confusions.  On top of the confusing sizes the 14 inch is over 16 dollars.  A little to much for just a pizza.  The pizza did look good though.  The crust at the edge did an interesting thing, they kind of rolled the edge in around itself.  Kind of like a cinnamon roll.  This made for a lighter crust.  The crust in general tasted pretty good, could have been a little crispier, but was thin.  The cheese was a little thick but also had a good flavor and was lightly browned.  The sauce was a little heavier than a typical tomato sauce and was very heavy on the pepper, which was odd.  Overall though not too bad, it was a little thicker all around than a typical N.Y. slice but it tasted pretty good.  Assuming the rest of the pizza isn't that great in Davis I would probably go back here again and again.  

Woodstocks Pizza - Davis, CA
Price: $$
Well my trip was a lot of fun and I ate a lot of good food, it just wan't pizza.  There might be some great pizza spots in San Francisco or Sacramento or maybe even Monterey but I didn't find any.  I only ate at 2 so you can't blame me.  I hear there is a really good spot in Santa Cruz, maybe I'll check that one out next time.  Till then, I know I'm not missing anything pizza wise up North, out East however I know what I am missing.  My search goes on.    


  1. Ah, I went to UC Davis and fondly remember Woodstock's. Definitely not the best pizza I've had, but just a lot of good memories associated with it -- made me miss their peppery sauce (which I found too spicy initially but grown to love) and the thicker-than-preferred crust.

    On a sidenote, great seeing you at the omakase yesterday Jinpachi and best of luck in your perfect pizza hunt!

  2. so North California Pizza is expensive and it doesn't taste so good. I hate those places when you pay a lot and you don't get the same quality. hr32

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