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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bambino's Pizza

Today at work I took a drive to a place called Bambino's.  I guess named after the best baseball player of all time, or maybe it's literal, meaning little boy in Italian, maybe that's who cooks the pizza, little children.  Either way the pizza wasn't as good as The Great Bambino, maybe a good bambino, say a Ryne Sandberg.  Good quality, solid player but doesn't have legendary status.  Plus, Ryne Sandberg tastes really good.  

Anyway, the pizza wasn't too bad.  Definitely enjoyable.  Had a sweet and salty taste from the sauce and cheese.  There could have been more sauce on it however.  The crust was a little doughier in the center than a typical NY style would be.  This is similar in style to a New England type pizza.  Although it wasn't completely there, kind of between the two styles.  The crust was light and airy, so not as filling as a typical New England style, but still doughy and thick at the edges.  The outside had a light crispiness, which could have been even crispier but was still good, although it didn't have much flavor, kind of generic tasting.  It had a cornmeal bottom, instead of a flour-based one, which Im not a big fan of.  But for what it is I could definitely get it again, and for 8 dollars for a 16 inch pizza it's a deal.

Bambino's Pizza - 5650 Cahuenga Blvd. N. Hollywood
Price $

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