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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Piece O' Pizza

Driving down Venice Blvd. coming back from the west coast you pass a place called Piece O' Pizza.  It is pretty noticeable with a large, old town Vegas type sign.  I expect at night for it to be lit up with flash bulbs.  The inside is pretty small with just a few tables.  It looks kind of run down and cheap but most places that mainly deliver are like this.  
I ordered a large 16 inch pizza it was 15 dollars because I got sausage on half.  Normally a large is 12 dollars.  Now that Im writing this I don't know why I was charge 15.   

As you can see it was very, extremely cheesy.  As a result it was very oily.  The sauce I feel could have been pretty awesome but it was hard to get a good taste of it with all the cheese.  I sensed it had some interesting flavors going on that are not usual.  This pizza was pretty unusual all the way around.  It had a serious amount of flour taste from the bottom of the crust and the crust itself was very sweet.  The crust had a different consistency to it than usual.  It was more like a pastry.  It wasn't flakey on the top like some pastry-like crusts.  Internally it was separating into different layers.  It is hard for me to describe, all I can say is with the sweet dough and the texture and all the flour and cheese, I really though I was eating some weird Italian cheese danish.  
Again I can see some people swearing by this pizza.  For me, this was not what I wanted.  Below is a video of my experience.  If for nothing else, watch it to see the amazing chicken head man who roams the streets of Hollywood.   

Piece O' Pizza
11700 Venice Blvd. LA, CA 90066
Price: $
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